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A day in the shoes of your visitors

Now that you have prepared your meeting and invited your visitors to come on site to meet, it is time to make them feel welcome. Signing in with a paper visitor book might seem easy enough, but in 2022, visitors expect more than an impersonal, insecure, and unprofessional sign-in book.

Offer them a personalized greeting displayed on sleek sign-in software. An iPad at reception not only looks more professional, but it also enhances your security and makes the sign-in process easier and more comprehensive.

Comeen helps you with the entire visitor management process and all their visits.

Discover how to pre-register your visitors →

Automate the process of preparing your visitors for their visit

Send clear instructions a few days prior to their visit

A few days before they arrive, give your visitors clear instructions on how to reach you, whether it's transportation tips, possible access codes and procedures, or who to contact.

→ In your Comeen dashboard you can set up the sending of an automatic email a few days before your meeting.

Contactless front desk check-in for your guests

Easy and done!

On the d-day, your visitor will go to the front of your building as you will have told him to do in your registration emails.

→ Once in the lobby, he will be able to register on the kiosk. He will then have to enter his email to validate his arrival and notify his host (Google Chat, Work Chat, Slack) and check the security instructions.
He will also be able to print a badge with a QR code in order to pass the different security and for more ease in the management of the visitors.

Install kiosk visitors →

The host is notified and ready to greet visitors warmly

Comeen automates the entire visitor management process

As soon as the visitor has entered his email in the kiosk, the host, the organizer of the event will be notified of his arrival.

→ He will receive a message directly on the channel of his choice: Google Chat, Slack, Work Chat and will then be able to go and welcome his visitor(s).

This visitor management system makes the reception process more fluid and does not clutter up the building entrances.
It also gives a more digital, personalized and current aspect to the arrival of your guest.

Safety for all through visitor tracking

The reception, check-in and check-out of visitors can always be done with the receptionist. Through the Comeen dashboard, the receptionist now has a digital visitor register with their phone number, name, email, who the host is etc.

→ This functionality is essential for the building's security. In case of a problem, the receptionist team must know in real time how many people and visitors are in the building and how to contact them.

Checking out is as easy
as 1-2-3

The departure of your visitor is not to be neglected.
Just like on arrival, they can check out at the digital reception desk.

→ He can also scan his badge with the QRCode for more simplicity.
Don't hesitate to send him a follow-up email afterwards to ask him how his visit went!

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