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Comeen Today

Plan in-office days
Manage your teammates
See teammates planning
Define recurring presences
Manage notifications settings
Manage favorite location
Book a desk
Define equipment to find the right desk (double screen, next to a window, etc.)
Book a desk next to someone
Visualize where is located your desk on a map
Locate your teammates on a map

Comeen Rooms

Room Signage Screen

Comeen Play
Signage App
Meeting room status (occupied/free) with LED on compatible devices
Meeting room planning (events, organizer, start time, end time)
Book a meeting room on-the-fly
Check-in meeting room
Check-out and release meeting room

Comeen Visitors

Employee App

Google Calendar
Gmail add-on
My Comeen
Web App
Google Chat bot
Bot for Workplace from Meta
Pre-register a guest
Automatic notification when the guest checked-in

Comeen Visitors

Guest App

iOS Kiosk Application
Web Kiosk Application
Check-in workflow
Badge printing

Included in all plans

Administration Dashboard

Create buildings manually
Import buildings from Google Admin console
Manage building capacity
Manage building gauge
Define hybrid work rules (max/min days at the office and more)
KPI that presents building usages
Create floors
Create areas (part of a floor)
Import floors plan
Draw areas on a floor plan
Create desks manually
Synchronise desk list from Google Sheet
Place desks on floor plan
Create desk equipments
Create users manually
Importing user list from a CSV file
Synchronize users from Google Groups
Synchronize users from Azure AD groups
Synchonize Google Meeting Rooms
Activate automatic booking reminder
Activate meeting room autorelease
Create visitor kiosk
Define visitor check-in workflow
Visitor log book

Comeen is a comprehensive hybrid office solution that meets the needs of our company and its employees. It is easy to learn and the support is personalized. I installed the solution in 5 minutes.

Damien Mollard
General Manager, Mink
Does Comeen provide hybrid work model?

No, we are only managing the hybrid office part. For all your hybrid work strategy you need to find the right recipe internally, with your teams, the one that best fits your employees.

Does Comeen manage my desk booking for the office?

Totally. In Comeen, on the employee side, you will be able to plan your venue to the office on specific days and even book your desk according to specificities (next to the window, next to a colleague, with a double screen...)

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Does Comeen manage the remote work setup at home?

We take care of the employee part only in relation with his colleagues and company through our platform and in office. For everything that is physical: management of his desk at home, his chair and his comfort; it's not us.

How does Comeen work?

Fully integrated with Slack, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 or Workplace by Meta: you will find our solution in your calendar and in your chat. Book a desk, plan your venue to the office: everything is done in one click.

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What the difference between Flex office and hybrid office?

Good question ! It's a small one. We write an article about that to explain everything.

Read the article →
Why implement hot desk booking in my company?

One direct cause of implementing hybrid office is to reinvent your work space and make it more flexible. Desk booking is a good way of adapting your current space to hybrid office by improving the usage of your space.
We write an article in our help center for you to better understand the deployment.

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