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Comeen is all about helping you manage your in-office days and going back to the office!

Since hybrid work is the new norm, we don't go to the office everyday anymore.

→ Going to the office is now synonymous to meet your colleagues, having meetings, live an in-office experience.

The new way

With hybrid work it has never been so important to live a seamless experience when going to the office.
At Comeen we want to provide the best in-office experience.

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We're easy to use, but also easy to deploy.

The philosophy behind Comeen is not to create a new tool, it's to be integrated in the tool you already know.

You can access your Comeen application from:

Google Calendar and Gmail

Microsoft Teams


Workplace from Facebook/Meta

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Find the best days to come to the office for better productivity

On the employee application, Comeen helps you schedule your time at the office.

→ You have to choose a day, but also a building and floor.
In a few clicks from our application, you can indicate your venue to the office on a specific day.
Thanks to this, you will be able to respect the instructions of your company and come a number of days defined by the rules of your hybrid work.

Choose your days according to your colleagues and your team

Comeen offers you the possibility to see the schedule of your colleagues coming to work.

After choosing your day, or by looking at the schedule for the next few days, you will be able to see which of your team members will be in the office on that particular day.
→ You will be able to choose your arrival at the office according to those of your colleagues for a better cohesion and a better team spirit.
Collaborate with your team and increase your productivity.

A very easy way to get started! A 30-minute call, 3 clicks on the Google admin console including the one to download the extension, and a serene return to the office 👌

Maëlle Lang
HR Director @Masteos

Automate your presence and choose your recurrence easily

Comeen offers you automation on your office presence according to your company's rules.

Choosing your days of presence is good. Not having to do it manually every day is better.
→ Directly from the application, you can choose your favorite in-office days and save them. Thus, over the next two weeks or until you change the setting, your office attendance will be directly added on the chosen days.
You will still be able to access your calendar to see the schedule of your next weeks and to modify it.

An evolving product
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A dedicated support
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Regular updates
Upgrades every month
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Find your right place and add all the specificities you need

Comeen offers you the opportunity to add specifics to your reservation.

Still from the employee application, by choosing your day of presence in the office, you have the possibility to choose additional specifics for your coming.
→ Add a locker or a parking space for example.
Enjoy more your venue to the office and be serene to spend the day in your company.
That way, you can create a safe and secure hybrid office. Everybody can come back to the office to make it work.

Find out what Comeen can do for you.

Our solution meets your needs: those of employees and employers.
We offer features that are adapted to the current needs of offices.

Book your desk to come to the office

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