Make your space workwith your team.

Flex your space and make the most of every square foot with our solution

Dozens of companies use Comeen

Book the right room


With Google Calendar add-on or Microsoft add-in, check and set your new meeting

The space

Select building, floor, neighborhood, equipments needed, capacity


10 minutes before your meeting, check-in with your Google Chat notifications


All done, you can welcome your visitors with Comeen desk if needed

Make your space work

For you, your team and your visitors

Find a room

See availablity and select building, floor, neighborhood, equipments needed, capacity, catering (if the room supports it).

Check-in and confirm

10 minutes before the start of the meeting, check-in to confirm you need the room. If not, you can release it to open the space for those who need it most. It’s done automatically after 15 minutes of meeting without check-in.

Do your meetings

At the day of the day, check your room usage to see what you can improve and what rooms is the most used.

Every key features you need

Discover what Comeen can get you

Abandoned meeting protection

Confirm your reservation or free your place for your colleagues

Notifications & workflows

Receive a notification to discover your office and the way to get there

Room schedule management

Reserve a room for your meeting by simply clicking on the event in the calendar

On-demand booking

Book your office to go to work and rediscover your workspace with your collaborators

Workplace analytics

Understand the use of your rooms and offices to optimize the space

Space booking policies

Get the most of your room meeting: capacity, facilities, security distance

Book with a Click

Use our Google Calendar add-on our Microsoft Outlook add-in to go beyond.

Create an event and book a meeting room directly into your Calendar.

Add your event

Choose your date and time, invite your co-workers and give it a name.

Book your room

With the Comeen add-on, and book a meeting room according to your criteria

Make your meeting

Right on time! Don’t forget to check-in into your Calendar to confirm your room booking

Connect to the tools your team relies on

Keep everything in sync—from updating calendars to reminding your team to check in to their room—by connecting Comeen to your favorite tools:
Microsoft 365, Slack, Google Workspace and many others.

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Picture Testimonial

Comeen reminds our employees of meetings they might’ve forgotten about, helping them into productivity

Charlotte Grandjean

Marketing Manager @RemoteBoard

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