Easy desk bookingfor the safe and new flex office

You can empower your employees to do hot desk booking to collaborate with teammates

Dozens of companies use Comeen

Connect to the tools your team relies on

Keep everything in sync—from updating calendars to reminding your team to check in to their room—by connecting Comeen to your favorite tools:
Microsoft 365, Slack, Google Workspace and many others.

Fast and easy set

Book a desk using our Google Calendar add-on. It's easy and directly into your agenda.

You can say if you need a specific equipment like a double screen for instance.

An autonomous office

Your teammates will know you're at the office.

You just have to check-in on the day you’ll arrive at your desk. Easy and done.

Keeps you on track

In option, and thanks to our MapWize integration we can guide your employees and visitors to their meeting room or desk.

We provide you the tools to generate stickers ready-to-use for your desks.

Hot desk booking

Comeen Desks is really easy to use.
Directly from your Calendar, choose your date and time. Then, come.

Book with your calendar

You can book your desk directly into your Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook

Our Add-on is a really useful tool. You just have to open-it, choose your day of attendance and book a desk if you want.

Manage your attendance

Choose your day to come at the office and notify your colleagues

Book a desk

Select building, floor, neighborhood, equipments needed

Make the most of it

At work, find your office and confirm your reservation with QRcode or Google Calendar

A good workspace

Set the day

Book your day at work into your Calendar from our add-on

Find your desk

Follow the guidances with the building plan

Confirm the book

Check-in to confirm your desk and keep your office updated


Complete your day and tell if you like your desk of not

Synchronize with Google Workspace

Add your Google Workspace account and import all your company.
This directly import all your buildings.

Create your floors and offices plan

Add as many floors as you have and choose their capacity.
You can also create new ones.

Create your layouts and your teams

Manage and create all your offices area for your team to meet.
Drag and drop them easily.

Build your office repository

Create your repository on Google Sheet and manage all your desks.
It's automatically connected to Comeen.

Add your desks to the map

Position all your desks on your offices map.
You can also drag and drop them.

Define capacities and gauges

Add the maximum capacities of your offices to meet the standards.
See buildings live occupancy.

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Picture Testimonial

Since implementing Comeen Desks, I've seen less conflict over bookings, less friction, and more employee happiness.

Rodolphe d'Aragon

Sales Director @DynamicScreen

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