Manage the attendanceSchedule office time when needed

See who’s at work, plan your week, update your status : improve your hybrid office strategy

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Enable Workplace Flexibility


With Google Calendar add-on, check who’s at the office


Click on “Attend that day” and plan your week at the office


Automatic reminder on your attendance day if you're not checked-in


Spend your day at work with your teammates and enjoy :)

Coordinate your team

Use our Google Calendar add-on to go beyond

→ See who comes to the office on a specific day and how many desks are available
→ Find out which days your team meets in the office
→ Check-in on attended day and meet with your colleagues

Open your calendar

Choose your day and time to put your attendance

Book your slot

With Comeen Today check if your teammates are coming and book

Come to the office

Right on time! Don’t forget to check-in into Comeen Today to update your statuts

Talk to Comeen directly

Everyday you receive a reminder to check-in and plan your week at the office.
Easy and done

Key features you need

Discover what Comeen Today can get you

Teammates view

Find out which days your team is
gathering at the office

Notifications and status

Status updated on Slack automatically: remote, office, on the way

Workspace analytics

Get your gauges, manage your buildings and manage attendance from the dashboard

Get started today

Understand how it works

→ Get to know your teammates schedules
→ Find time to meet on office days

Google Workspace Marketplace

Connect to the tools your team relies on

Keep everything in sync—from updating calendars to reminding your team to check in to their room—by connecting Comeen to your favorite tools:
Microsoft 365, Slack, Google Workspace and many others.

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