Pre-register your visitors

Improve the employee experience by streamlining processes

Visitor management made simple, make it easy to register your visitors with Comeen!

Make a good first impression

Use visitor pre-registration to speed up the sign-up process when your visitors arrive on the site. It gives any sign-up/check-out manager visibility into who is expected on the site at any given time, and it can increase security by requiring all visitors to be pre-registered.
Give your employees the tools to impress your visitors with Comeen

Use your daily tools to register your guests

Choose the best solution from the tools you already know

Use your Comeen add-on directly integrated in your Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook to manage the presence of your visitors in your building.

→ Create or click on the event of your meeting. Choose the building where you will welcome them, the entrance, and the visitors who will come on site that day.
They will be invited in person via Comeen.

Effectively prepare your visitor for his arrival on site

Make your guest feel welcomed

Once you have chosen in your add-on the people who will be on site that day, you can choose to send them a welcome email so they can find their way around your building.

→ Just click on what you want to send them in your Comeen Google Calendar add-on or Microsoft Outlook and you're done.

Customize the check-in instructions received by your guest

A personalized welcome for a lasting memory

If you decide to send them instructions, the visitor will receive them directly on their email address. This email is fully customizable in your Comeen dashboard with colors, logo, and text.

→ This way, you can give your visitors all the information they need for their visit: your address, the floor, the entrance instructions, etc...

Now welcome your visitors →
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