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Get the most out of the space you already have

Make reservations on the fly, use empty meeting rooms, see the occupancy: collaborate with your team thanks to Comeen!

A team, a need, a meeting, all in one click

To book a meeting room, you can add it to your event on your calendar. In addition to using Comeen to manage your in-office days or welcoming your visitors, Comeen also manages your meeting rooms.
With a simple screen in front of your meeting room, optimize the space in your buildings and increase your team productivity. Comeen Rooms allows you to book a meeting room directly at the touch of a button.

Check-in or register to confirm your meeting room

In 2022, no one wants ghost meeting rooms

Companies want to make the most of their space and take advantage of meetings to get their teams to collaborate and create social links.

→ To remedy this, Comeen allows you to confirm your meeting room before it starts. You can do it from a chat you receive on your account, or you can do it from the display screen in front of your room.
With one click you secure your meeting room and can start collaborating with your teammates.

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Make on-the-fly reservations on free meeting rooms

Take advantage of all the space at your disposal in your buildings

On the screen in front of the meeting room, you can make a booking. → You just have to choose the duration (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, until the next meeting).
With this feature, you can have a spontaneous meeting with your colleagues or find a quiet place to work.
This feature can be disabled if you do not want anyone to be able to book a meeting from a screen.

Free up the space you no longer use for others

It's time for your meeting!

You can cancel the booked meeting room if you pass by or release the space from the chat you received if you no longer need it.

→ If you are using the room and your meeting ends earlier than its scheduled time, you can also release the space to allow your other employees or teammates to use the room if they need it.

Just press the screen! How easy is that?

Fight against ghost meetings →

Just see the room occupancy and its information easily

Wondering if the room is occupied, or by whom?

Before you knock and disturb the meeting, look at the screen. This way you can see all the information about the meeting.

→ When it started, how long it lasts, how many people are in the room. If you are even more curious you can even see the name of the meeting, the companies present and the organizer.
Of course all this can be hidden if you consider a meeting more confidential than another.

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