Your new in-office journey

Get the best corporate experience with Comeen

After planning your venue, come to the office, see your desk and locate your teammates. Check-in to secure your venue from our app or any chatbots.

Don't get lost in the office, find your way more easily

Save time and productivity with your floor plan directly inside your Comeen app

When you arrive at a large company where you may not know every floor, use the locate me feature in Comeen.
→ That way, you can see where the desk you've reserved is located and how to get there.
Just check the specifics and be at your desk in no time to start working.

Locate your teammates for a better productivity or a nice coffee

Just go and meet your team easily

Would you like to have a cup of coffee with your teammate or talk to a colleague?
In Comeen, you can see the location of the offices and desks that your colleagues have booked.
→ Simply access to your floor map in your Comeen app and you'll see your team around you.
You can also see if they have arrived at the office.

Check-in to secure your venue and booking

It only takes you 1 clic

After arriving at your desk or being seated at work, you will need to confirm your reservation with your app or with a chat.
→ Thanks to this, your presence will be recorded and counted to respect the rules of your company.
→ It also allows you to free your desk if you don't come to work anymore. Thus, ghost desk reservations will no longer exist.

Check-in from your desk

By scanning the QR Code

You can check-in from the notification you'll receive or manually from your app.
→ You can also check in with a QRCode on your office desk.
By scanning the QRCode with your phone when you arrive at the company, you can check in and announce your presence directly.

Or do everything from a little chat

Every feature is a chat away with Comeen chatbot

→ When you forget to check-in at the office or you don't want to do it manually.
You're also empowered to book a desk or plan your venue: exactly like from the app. Easy!
In a few words, even from your phone, you can chat with Comeen and manage your week attendance into your company.

We're easy to use, but also easy to deploy.

The philosophy behind Comeen is not to create a new tool, it's to be integrated in the tool you already know.

You can access your Comeen application from:

Google Calendar and Gmail

Microsoft Teams


Workplace from Facebook/Meta

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