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Create and distribute useful content for your teams on your screens

Comeen Play allows you to display and manage content on your screens, anywhere in the world in one clic!

An innovative digital signage solution

Comeen Play is our digital signage solution. Previously known as DynamicScreen for 4 years, we work with many clients, from start-ups to large groups, such as Google, Samsung, Sanofi, Spendesk and Veolia.

Comeen Play is the most innovative, connected, and easiest solution to install and use on the digital signage market with our Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 integrations. It responds to multiple use cases, in many sectors such as business, industry, and chain stores for internal, operational or retail communication.

Comeen Play is a Comeen's product for the improvement of the whole workplace: better communication and more transparency for better productivity in companies.

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How to better display your information on

Your employees don't read your emails and don't connect to your intranet?

Whatever your communication: announcements from the management committee, dissemination of the corporate culture and its values, presentation of the different departments and professions, awareness of procedures (protection, cybersecurity, etc.), sharing of best practices, etc..

We help you to distribute it with elegance and relevance, on all the screens of your company and everywhere in the world, to make your employees want to take initiative and contribute to the success of your company.

Veolia has an 87% employee engagement rate thanks to Comeen Play
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How to improve your logistics platform and your operational communication?

Display clear, up-to-date, real-time data that is easy to read. Your field teams will improve in performance. Regardless of the business data to be displayed, the number of days without an accident, status of order processing, daily and weekly performance, awareness of protection procedures, etc.

We help you distribute it with clarity and relevance, on all the screens of your platform, to allow your teams to read it easily and take the initiative quickly.

Botanic manages the logistics of 11,000 references everyday with Comeen Play
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How to get the most out of the space you already have?

Make on-the-fly reservations on free meeting rooms from the screen in front of your room. With this feature, you can have a spontaneous meeting with your colleagues or find a quiet place to work. Also, cancel it for an early finish.

Comeen allows you to see the room occupancy and its information easily before you knock and disturb the meeting, you can just look at the screen. Just connect your Calendar to your Comeen account.

Carrefour already uses Comeen Rooms to manage its 270 meeting rooms in France
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How to give your visitors and customers a wow-effect?

Streamline the reception of your visitors and secure your buildings with Comeen. We allow your visitors to not waste a single minute when registering, while giving a modern and digital image to your business. No more long queues: in just a few clicks each visitor can register and thus notify their host of their arrival.

Comeen supports your visitors before and during their visits to your company. Beyond digitizing the visitor register through an intuitive Web dashboard, we offer a powerful tool to your reception services to manage your visitors and their process of entering and leaving your building.

Nexity welcomes its hundreds of visitors per year with Comeen
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Get a content meaningful to your employees

Struggling to make differentiating content for all of your affiliates around the world? Because your internal communications impact thousands of employees around the world and a screen in your offices in the United States doesn't broadcast the same content as those installed in Germany, Comeen Playallows you to manage this situation with many very simply.
Create a local playlist and the subtitle of the videos is automatic.

Brodcast your existing content

Do you want to use the data you collect every day in your company?
Share your key metrics, dashboards, Google Data Studio on warehouse screens and create relevant charts from your spreadsheets Google spreadsheets, and Excel. You can also share your photos, videos, and news from the company or even from your intranet like LumApps.
We have over 60 integrations with the apps you already use.

Simple, fast and secure management

Are you looking for an easy-to-use platform where everything is available in one click?
Reinforce the feeling of belonging, the cohesion of the teams as well as the learning, by displaying your communications in a dynamic and attractive format, on all the screens of the company everywhere. From your computer and smartphone. Your internal communications are not shared or seen outside your company.

Distribute your Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 content

Continue to create your internal communications on Google Slides or PowerPoint.
Connected to what matters

With Comeen Play, broadcast your Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations, your Docs and Word documents, and your Sheets and Excel tables on all your screens.

Do it all automatically

Connect your favourites data sources to the template you want to use in Comeen Play. Connect it to your screens. Create automatically synchronized team schedules, incident dashboards and more!

In a secure way

With an SSO connection from your account, update your files and the changes are instantly synchronized on your screens. This allows you to manage your internal communications on a massive scale.

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Add your favorite content to your playlist on your screens with Comeen Play

You have a screen, we have a solution.

Comeen Play has over 60 integrations with the apps you already use. It's simple. You add your content and plan their distribution. Our solution ensures that they are updated in real-time on your screens.

Create your Comeen Play account with personalized guidance and identify what you are planning to broadcast

Create your first playlist by adding your content: videos, images, pdf, weather, and texts.

Use templates and connect your useful data with our integrations: LumApps, Data Studio, and many others.

It's ready, you broadcast your content around the world on your screens visible to your customers and your teams.

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Customize your screen display

You don't start with a blank page. Comeen play has a designer who helps you find inspiration and customize your screens to reflect your company's image.  We offer personalized templates adapted to all the uses and needs of your company, you just have to connect them to your data.

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Collaborate with your team

Comeen Play allows you to invite collaborators to create up-to-date and relevant content with a simple, fast and secure access rights system. User management is quick and easy. Create user groups, manage your sharing rights and collaborate with your colleagues.

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Manage your screen fleet in a few clicks

Display your content on every screen in your company: at the reception desk, in your open space, in your meeting rooms and catering facilities, in Paris, Singapore, or San Francisco. You can adapt the content according to language, time zone and screen usage!

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Plan, forecast, and see live

Plan the distribution of your content over a week, a month, and more. Prepare your important messages in advance and you can preview your content before and during the broadcast. No need to go to the reception to see what the screen displays. Everything happens directly on the software.

Veolia logo

Comeen Play allows us to distribute content connected to our business tools to our employees around the world to monitor our performance and broadcast our latest internal communications. This ensures that all of the group's employees, spread over the 5 continents of the world, remain informed of our activity and can work in the best conditions.

Kevin Benchao
Product Manager @Veolia
Veolia testimonial

Work with your team

Access and control of your screens are simple, fast and secure.

Comeen Play offers SSO single sign-on. For you and your collaborators, this allows you to access the management of your content and your screen fleet with your Google or Microsoft credentials. The management of access rights is simpler, faster and more secure.

Our platform is customizable down to the last pixel.

We are the only platform in the world to have developed a unique functionality of Organizational Units. Create, organize and customize your Group into multiple workspaces to manage screen displays locally. A consistent brand around the world, with your subsidiaries and groups.

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