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To best support the hybrid workplace, offices are becoming more collaborative

They transform naturally into collaboration hubs and abandoning much of the individual workspaces, in favour of a variety of meeting and collaboration spaces. Those spaces are designed to accommodate meetings of varying sizes and team members who are in the room, joining from an overflow space or participating remotely.

Your buildings must also integrate interaction spaces where employees can meet and bond. For some teams, a dedicated desk is no longer necessary, the implementation of office reservation or flex-office is a great way to make your space more flexible.

That's why Comeen offers you a simple way to implement office booking in your company. In a few clicks, install your new hybrid office solution fully integrated with all your daily tools.

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Deploy Comeen in minutes by syncing your offices in two clicks

Install, import and sync all your data in minutes

After creating a Comeen account, you can directly import your buildings, spaces and meeting rooms in a few clicks with our integrations.
You can of course do everything manually if you prefer.

→ Your desk list can be imported from Google Sheets, Excel or copy/paste. In just a few minutes, you can set up your Comeen account and start adding features to your desktops, rules and customization.

Create your desk equipment easily to help your team

After setting up your Comeen account with all important information for the hybrid office: your buildings, floors, zones and desks; you can create your equipment lists.

→ Your employees will be able to book desks by choosing the equipment they need to work well. A dual screen, a parking space, a place near the window: add all the facilities available for your team.
You will then be able to see what equipment is used the most to know the needs of your team and adapt your company accordingly.

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Start designing your space for more productivity

Create your own space into Comeen

In order to have the most productive space possible and to set up your company as a flex or hybrid office, you can create your floor plan.

→ Use an existing map or create one from scratch: zone your space and add your desks in a few clicks automatically.

Your employees will then be able to book their desk according to their team and the colleague next to them.
Also thanks to this, your employees will be able to see the way to their desk if your company is in flex-office for example.

Customize Comeen for your company by adding your own rules

You're now set up for simple desk booking and managing your employees' in-office days

→ Therefore, you can add the logical rules that go with your space. Some offices or desks may not be available for booking (chair problem, no light, cleaning...) just add it into your Comeen dashboard.
You can activate the desk booking only on the zones, floors or buildings you are interested in. If you do not want the marketing area to be bookable, you can create your own rules.

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Our solution meets your needs: those of employees and employers.
We offer features that are adapted to the current needs of offices.

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