Analyze building usage

Improve your space with the understanding of your office usage

Give facility management team tools to facilitate their daily life and enhance the configuration of your offices

Understand, identify and analyze trends of your space

Comeen shows you how your building is used each day

From your dashboard, go to the analysis part of your space. You'll be able to see at a glance how your spaces are used and how they are filled in real time.
→ Know which areas are most populated and at what time of day. You can always manage your space usage and set a maximum capacity from your Comeen admin dashboard

Learn how your team and employees use their desks

As a continuation of your space analysis, you can see which desks are most used and which are not, how many people want to book them.

So you can improve your space's configuration

Comeen displays you which areas of your space are overused and which are underused

Through these advanced analyses of your buildings and desks, you will also be able to detect differences between areas of your company.
→ You can see for example that some floors or desks are not used at all, or even that some buildings have very little occupancy.

Rearrange your space to make the most of it and help you and your employees be more productive. Save space and expenses, while respecting health regulations and company rules.

Re-use this data to your advantage to optimize your building

Connect Comeen to your other applications for advanced data usage

After creating a Comeen account, you can directly import your buildings, spaces and meeting rooms in a few clicks with our integrations.
You can of course do everything manually if you prefer.

→ Your desk list can be imported from Google Sheets, Excel or copy/paste.
In just a few minutes, you can set up your Comeen account and start adding features to your desktops, rules and customization.

Find out what Comeen can do for you.

Our solution meets your needs: those of employees and employers.
We offer features that are adapted to the current needs of offices.

Book your desk to come to the office

Comeen helps you book your workspace and your specificities

Get to know more
Plan your in-office days to manage attendance

Find out what a day in the company is like with Comeen

Learn more
Reserve and manage your meeting room

With Comeen, fight against ghost meetings and manage your space

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