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Easy desk booking for an optimized flex office

Comeen helps you come to the office and seat next to your favorite colleague!

Book your own space for your day in the office

Once you have chosen your location and chosen your days of attendance to visit the company, it's time to reserve an office.

In a few clicks from our app, book your desk for your attendance.
→ You will be sure to have the desk you want and your space assigned.
Available on all our platforms, this feature is especially interesting if your company is in flex-office: who do not have an assigned desk.

Choose a desk next to your favorite colleague

What's better that seating next to your favorite colleague on the only day you go to work?
No one wants to go to a company and be alone on a floor. Especially during those meeting times, when the desire to be in team is very strong.

→ By booking your desk from your Comeen app, after choosing the building and floor, you will also be able to add the colleague you want to sit next to.
By respecting your choice, you will have a desk or an office close to your favorite colleague and you will be able to exchange and meet.

Add all your equipments to the reservation

Do you prefer to be seated next to a window? Or to get a dual screen? It's possible to specify it during your booking.
Comeen highlights the different features present in the offices of the area you have chosen. So you can choose what you need.

→ Simply add your facilities and Comeen will find you the best office to work on.

We're easy to use, but also easy to deploy.

The philosophy behind Comeen is not to create a new tool, it's to be integrated in the tool you already know.

You can access your Comeen application from:

Google Calendar and Gmail

Microsoft Teams


Workplace from Facebook/Meta

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Our solution meets your needs: those of employees and employers.
We offer features that are adapted to the current needs of offices.

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