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A growing need for business meetings

With the new way of working in hybrid format, the need for meeting rooms is even greater. On-site and remote people mean that for every meeting now, a meeting room is needed to discuss and make projects grow. This problem can make the situation of booking a meeting room tense in a company.
There are several solutions to this.

1) Ensure that all meeting rooms are used.
This means optimizing the use of the meeting rooms in your building as much as possible, and therefore fighting against phantom bookings to make the most out of your space.

2) The second solution, once the company is sure that all the meeting rooms are used, is to rearrange the space or add meeting areas.
→ But there's no need to look that far ahead now, with Comeen, meeting room management is simplified and booking is a breeze.

One-click connection to your meeting space and rooms

Simple, fast and efficient synchronization

Comeen makes it one-click to sync your meeting rooms with your Google account. Simply log in and import your Meet rooms to collaborate with your team.

→ Comeen is a Google Cloud Partner, we update our solution in real time to keep up with Google and know the APIs inside and out.

Comeen has built a reliable and robust event synchronization solution that doesn't yet exist on the market.

Timely notifications to alert the organizer

Get notified in minutes

Once all your meeting rooms and meetings are connected to Comeen, you can start taking advantage of the convenient features.

→ The company can activate an automatic notification for the management of a meeting room.
X minutes before or X minutes after, the person who added the Meet room to the meeting (not necessarily the meeting organizer) receives a notification to validate their room booking.

Automatic release of the meeting room if it’s unused

No one wants a busy room with no one in it

If the meeting organizer does not respond to the notification sent by Comeen Chat (on Google Chat, Slack or Work Chat) the meeting room is automatically released.

→ He can also answer that he doesn't need it anymore. The meeting room is then available again for booking for all employees and allows a better productivity and space optimization.
You can track your meeting room usage from your Comeen interface.

A relevant management of recurring events

The other problem with ghost meeting rooms is recurring events

When a project lasting several weeks or months ends, the organizer does not necessarily delete the recurring event.
As a result, the meeting room is booked indefinitely and no one else can use it.
→ With Comeen, if the meeting room is not checked-in X times in a row (you decide how many) it's automatically removed from the event.
Enjoy better management of your space and greater autonomy for your teams with Comeen.

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