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Comeen provides a complete Slack application available in the Slack App Directory. Install it within a minute, your account is automatically created, and deploy it at scale in your entire company!

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Why should you use the Slack application?

If you're using Slack in your company, Comeen is the best hybrid tool you can try on. Completely integrated into your workspace, implementing the hybrid office has never been so easy.
You can plan your days at the office, book a desk, add your specifics needs (locker, parking slot), see your teammates schedules, locate your desk and be notified on your Slack.

Use Slack to find the best days to come to the office

See your team and colleagues at work

With Comeen you can plan your week at the office. Find the best days to come when your teammates are coming too and enjoy better productivity and work life. Directly into Slack, you'll find your teammate's schedule for the next few days. You can organize your week and come accordingly to your team.

Make your weekly planning automatized

You can set your favourites days to come to the office in Comeen and your weekly schedule will be automatically done for the next weeks.

Specify what you want for your day at the office

Do you need a locker or a parking slot? Easier when you go to the office, right?
When planning your week at work, you can add the equipment you need to facilitate your day at the office. Be serene to spend the day in your company.

Employee adoption was greatly facilitated by the Slack add on and bot ✨👌

Christophe Balmy
Innovation & Marketing Director @Solution BI Canada

Book the place that you want in Slack

With the Comeen App in Slack, employees are empowered to book the desk they want in the office. Even better, you are able to see where your team booked their desks to choose accordingly. Or you can just specify which colleague you want to sit next to when making the booking.

Enjoy the best equipment possible at the office

Also, include specificities if you need to. A desk near a window, a dual-screen, a new keyboard, and an ergonomic chair.

Spend your day at the office with ease

Find my desk and my teammates

On the day of your booking, you can see where the office you've reserved is located and how to get there. Still on that map, you are able to situate where your team is.

Check-in for all your bookings

With Comeen, you need to confirm your reservation. It also allows you to free your desk or meeting room if you don't come to work or don't need it anymore. You can do it with a QRCode, your Comeen app or Slack.

Get notified and don't miss a thing

With the Comeen App in Slack, if you forget to check in for your venue or your meeting room: Slack will remind you. A useful feature especially if you forget to update your weekly planning often.

Be notified by your guest

In addition to confirming your presence at work, securing your meeting room, or even planning your week at the office: the Comeen App in Slack allows you to be notified when your visitors arrive.

If you've invited visitors for a meeting with Comeen Visitors and they have checked-in in the kiosk of the building on the day of the meet: the host, the event organiser, will be notified of his arrival.

You will then be able to welcome your guest properly.

How to setup Comeen in Slack

You can install Comeen for your Slack entire workspace. With one click every person in your Slack organization will be able to access the Comeen App. It's very easy. Just go into your Slack App Directory and find Comeen. Click it, install it, done. After that, you can synchronize all your teammates from Google Groups or Microsoft Azure AD Groups.

On the admin dashboard, once your employees start using Comeen, you will access all KPIs from your building and your teams.

1. Create your Comeen account

Just go on our Account Creation page and create your free Comeen Account. If you’re on Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 your company name and logo should be automatically uploaded. If not, you can add everything manually :)

2. Link your company

If your company is using Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, all your data can be imported in one simple clic: accounts, buildings, names, specifics.
But if you want to start from scratch: it’s the time to do it!

3. Start designing your workplace

Once your account is all set, you can add all the informations you need to make Comeen work in your company. Add rules for your building if you want to, add floor plan, desks, equipments, office extras: to allow your teams to book them.

4. Deploy on all your employees

There you go.
Comeen is set up. You can now deploy it on all employees and start planning your day at the office with Slack. If you want to do a PoC or to be assisted by one of our account manager, don’t hesitate to book a meeting.

The employee Slack onboarding

When your employees will open the Comeen App on Slack for the first time they'll get an employee onboarding. A personal Comeen account will be automatically created. And they'll be able to add their favourite location, which days to go to the office and the recurrence, where to receive their notifications.

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