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Comeen is a fully integrated app in the Google Workspace universe: Calendar and Gmail add-on, Google Chat bot and deep connection to Google Admin.

The Employee App

Comeen is a Google Workspace add-on.

Available directly in the Google Workspace Marketplace, Comeen is installed by the company's IT department.
The add-on then appears automatically without any manual action from the employee in Calendar, Gmail and Google Chat. Easy to use, Comeen doesn't require any training. Adopt it in a few minutes.

What can Comeen add-ons in Calendar and Gmail do?

Understand the functionality of the add-on

Our Gmail and Calendar add-ons offer all Comeen's useful features for employees. On the one hand, you can plan your in-office days and even book a desk directly into Gmail or your Calendar. On the other hand, you can invite your visitors and register them with Comeen by clicking on an event directly in your calendar.

This add-on automatically adapts to the user's language and time zone: handy, no?

What features are there in Google Chat bot?

Understanding the functionality of the chat

The same features are also available from our Google Chat bot: plan in office-days, book a desk, reserve a meeting room.
Thanks to this, you can access all your benefits directly from your mobile if you wish.

Even better, you can choose to receive your reminders (automatic meeting room releases, check in, check out) on Google Chat bot.
In one click everything is possible with Comeen.

The Administration Dashboard

After seing the functionalities visible by the user of the Comeen add-on, we'll see how deep the Google Workspace is with Comeen. 

If you connect to Comeen with a simple Gmail you will not be able to import all your users, buildings and meeting rooms in one click.
If you use Google Workspace, Comeen allows you to install the hybrid office in less than 5 minutes: easy and secure.

Synchronization of Google Groups

If your company wants to install an add-on for all its employees, that's fine. If you have 5000 employees, it can be more complicated. Fortunately Comeen has thought of everything. You can deploy Comeen on a whole Google Group or several, a whole Organizational Units or even a whole domain.

Being 100% integrated with Google Admin (and Google Cloud Partner by the way) you as administrator have the ability to manually or automatically create Comeen accounts for your users.
By using the automation linked to Comeen, each time a Google account is created or deleted in your company, Comeen will be updated. (Comeen updates twice in 24 hours to stay current).

Import all of your buildings

After adding all the new Comeen users, you can create your space. If your buildings are registered in Google Admin, you just have to import them in Comeen.
In one click, all your company and office information is available in your administration dashboard.
You can then add your desk lists, manually or by importing a Google Sheets. Even create the floors, zones and equipment of your desks.

Thanks to this, your employees and Comeen add-on users will be able to book a space when coming to the office and enjoy the features.

How to implement desk booking →

Sync all your meeting rooms

Comeen doesn’t just import your meeting rooms, we synchronize it. This means that each time an event from the meeting room is added, modified or deleted: Comeen is notified by Google. The change is then recorded and the meeting rooms are always up to date to give you the best possible business experience.
This way, you can have all the information you need to fully enjoy your space and access all the features like receiving automatic room release notifications via Google Chat, check-in to streamline and optimize the use of meeting rooms.

Fight against ghost meetings →

What's next to go beyond?

To go even further with this Google Workspace integration, you can create your own reports.
Comeen already offers its own analytics directly in your administration dashboard on building occupancy and the number of people registered each day.

But if your company wants to go even further, we offer the solution.

Useful data for your company

Every time someone adds their presence on their add-on, it's recorded. You can create reports on the number of people present on such day, who comes the most, in which building.

For exemple Comeen provides you an automatic script for "a person has just added his presence", you can link this script to Apps Script which generates a Google Sheets of all the presences and changes. Then you can format it in Google Data Studio if you like, or any others applications.

We currently offer scripts for 3 events:
• Events on a meeting room calendar have been updated
• A new presence has been added by a user
• A presence has been removed by a user

Listing all office attendance in a Google Sheet file →
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