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Comeen provides a complete Google Data Studio connector to access all your KPIs. Install it within a minute, and start optimizing your buildings.

Why you should use Data Studio with Comeen?

Now that you have installed a powerful hybrid office tool in your company, you need to see if your employees and your workplace are using it. Return to the office and see how many meeting rooms are booked?
How many people are in the office in real-time?
Who is coming to the office and on which day?
Or even a building map with occupied and unoccupied locations?

All this is possible with our Google Data Studio connector. In just a few clicks, display all the data you have collected with the implementation of Comeen in your company.

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Bring all your data from different sources

On the Comeen dashboard, you already have many infographics that provide you with the necessary information on the implementation of the hybrid office in your company. Like how many people checked in this morning, how many people are in the building exactly, and which meeting room is used the most.
With Google Data Studio, you can highlight the information you find relevant to your business and your company.

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How to use the Comeen Connector on Data Studio?

Allow and authorize

Go to Google Data Studio, create a new Data Source and choose a Comeen connector. Then, select “Authorize” and “Allow” in the subsequent windows to make the connection.
The selected data will then appear directly on your Data Studio table. All updated in real-time.

You need an account

For this to work, you must have already created your Comeen account and possibly already have data to display. We've created some documentation to help you along the way, but you can also simply create an account and start exploring the platform.

Ready-to-use templates

To make it easier for you to display the different elements of your company, such as the use of your workplace, workspace with your employees and meeting room: we have created ready-to-use templates.
With these templates, you can simply link your Data Studio table with your Comeen connector and all your data will appear neatly on the board.

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