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Make your space work

For you, your team and your visitors


Get all your team on the same page with our simple Workspace Management tool


Improve employee experience in the office by managing the attendance


Know your team and visitors even better from a simple dashboard

The future of the workspace is hybrid

As things slowly return to normal, some employees will not return to the company physically full time, now preferring a hybrid model.

This model gives employees the ability to choose where they want to work. The uniqueness of the hybrid office lies in the emphasis on both a physical and digital workplace.
The main objective is to give all employees, whether they are remote or not, a complete workplace experience. Therefore, the employee can choose, depending on the rules set up by their company, to visit the office several times a week.

Easy to use solution to create a productive office

In app-solution

A solution directly integrated into Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, available to all : easy and quick to use

No new tools

No new application to deploy and no new tools : you use what you already know

Integrated into your calendar

Directly integrated into your Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook in a few clicks

Improve your employee experience with tools you already know

Get started quickly

Quick integration: install our Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 application and deploy Comeen in minutes

Comprehensive workplace dashboard

User group, meeting rooms, buildings are synchronized from Google Workspace or Microsoft 365

Book a room or a desk with a chat

Talk to our Google Chat, Facebook Workspace or Microsoft Teams chatbot and book in two clicks, use our Google Calendar add-on our Microsoft Outlook add-in to go beyond.

Understand and optimize how your space is used

Identify insights and trends

Determine what activities are under or over-supported in your office over a period of time

Abandoned meeting protection

Save on unused space and automatically remove meetings that don’t happen

Plan for your future office

Get more from the space you have or use intelligent data for future expansions and moves

Fight against isolation and meet with your team

Respect your HR policy

Give managers tools to make their daily life easier

Keep an eye on your team

Check average attendance of your team members

Meet with your colleagues

See your teammates's schedule and book your day at the office

Connect to the tools your team relies on

Keep everything in sync—from updating calendars to reminding your team to check in to their room—by connecting Comeen to your favorite tools:
Microsoft 365, Slack, Google Workspace and many others.

Picture Testimonial

Really amazing, I think Comeen is the best work platform ever created. I would very recommended it!

Simon Clériot

COO @DynamicScreen

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