Improve the reception of your visitors by deploying an innovative solution

Comeen accompanies your visitors before and during their visits to your company. Beyond digitizing the visitor register through an intuitive web dashboard, we offer a powerful tool to your reception services to manage your visitors and their processes of arrival and departure from your building.

Faster and smarter reception

Don't waste any more time notifying your employees of the arrival of their appointment. Comeen automatically sends notifications via SMS, email or thanks to our Slack or Microsoft Teams integration. Your colleagues will be instantly notified of the arrival of their visitors.

An autonomous visitor

With the Comeen kiosk application your visitor is autonomous to register, create his badge, validate security instructions. Thanks to our MapWize integration, you can choose to integrate your building plan into Comeen. The itinerary to reach the meeting place is dynamically created. Your visitor can scan a QR Code and access the map on his smartphone.

Analyze in a few clicks

Comeen offers you advanced statistics: number of visitors per day and to come, average duration of a visit, average delay, etc. Identify the periods of high visitor numbers in order to optimize your reception team as much as possible. Identify unpaid appointments and automatically free up your meeting rooms to increase productivity.

A fluid visitor journey


An autonomous visitor to check-in as soon as he arrives


The host is notified automatically by SMS and email


Comeen issues a digital or physical badge


Your visitor is guided to his or her meeting place.

It's up to you!

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