It's time tosecure your buildings.

Comeen can significantly improve the safety of your company on several levels. With automatic appointment verification, make sure that your visitors have been invited to a meeting.
Consult at any time the register of visitors and visualize in real time the people from outside your company present on site.
Finally, have your visitors sign your company's safety instructions.

Your protected work environment

Thanks to Comeen's back office you now have the possibility to find in real time all the visitors present in your buildings. The printing of a badge allows you to know their identity and thus to identify at a glance the visitors who may be undesirable. Comeen accompanies you in the protection of your employees, your visitors and more generally your structure.

Take control of emergency situations

We are aware that each of your buildings requires different security. Comeen therefore allows you to define safety instructions specific to them. Is an evacuation necessary? We provide you with a web page accessible via a link or a QR code that allows you to display the list of visitors in a given building in real time, to warn them and thus obtain the information necessary to control your evacuations.

Say goodbye to the paper's visitor record book

Nothing is more frustrating than having to track down your visitors through a paper log. Often a waste of time, this does not protect your visitors' data. With Comeen, make CSV exports of your visits, secure your information and respect the personal data of all your visitors.

A fluid visitor journey


An autonomous visitor to check-in as soon as he arrives


The host is notified automatically by SMS and email


Comeen issues a digital or physical badge


Your visitor is guided to his or her meeting place.

Comeen accompanies you in the protection of your buildings.

The first 15 days are on us. No credit card required.