Comeen is fully integrated with all your Google Workspace tools

Comeen offers its users a universe of tools around the hybrid office completely integrated with Google Workspace.

In two clicks, import all your data: employees, buildings, meeting rooms, workgroups and find everything in the Comeen platform.
Manage your employees' presence, optimize your buildings and improve your hybrid office strategy.

Simple, fast and efficient

With registration directly from your Google account, install Comeen in minutes across your entire organization managed from Google Admin.

The Comeen add-on to Google Calendar and Gmail is pushed directly to your employees' workspaces, in secondsall your employees will be able to start using Comeen and report their attendance.

An autonomous user

At the beginning of its installation, the user will be notified that an add-on has been added by their company to their Google account, you can choose to promote it internally as well.

He will be guided through a short setup to choose his notification mode (Google Chat, Mail, Workplace by Facebook) to declare his attendance and book his office.
The module is easy to learn, and if the user still has questions, we have a help center and videos explaining the different actions he can perform with his Comeen add-on.

Extensive analysis

In addition to your usual analytics visible in Google Admin, you'll now be able to see your meeting room occupancy, building gauge compliance, and office attendance for your various workgroups.
All data is retrieved from Google Tools and you can see the result in the Comeen dashboard.


It's up to you!

The first 15 days are on us. No credit card required.