The first impressionis often the most important!

Comeen allows your visitors not to lose a single minute when registering, while giving a modern and digital image to your business.
No more long queues: in just a few clicks each visitor can register and thus notify their host of their arrival.

Give to your visitors the best welcoming experience.

Promote your brand image as soon as your visitors arrive on your different sites. A pure and easy to use solution that will welcome your visitors with a smile while respecting your values. Put all the chances on your side to give the best first impression.

When your buildings meet innovation

Comeen simplifies your registration processes by offering you a fully digital solution. We leave you the choice to welcome your visitors with an iPad or a kiosk, depending on your needs. A back-office will allow you to intuitively manage all your buildings and much more.

Towards a more peaceful mind

It only takes a few seconds for a visitor to register independently. Comeen comes along with your reception service which will always be present to inform your visitors. He now has the tools he needs for a more pleasant work.

A fluid visitor journey


An autonomous visitor to check-in as soon as he arrives


The host is notified automatically by SMS and email


Comeen issues a digital or physical badge


Your visitor is guided to his or her meeting place.

Ready to give a warm welcome to your visitors?

The first 15 days are on us. No credit card required.