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What is Comeen ?

Comeen is an all-in-one management tool for the hybrid office, all from your Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 account.

Comeen VS Envoy

On this page, we'll look at the difference in solutions and offerings between Comeen and Envoy.

What is Envoy ?

Envoy is a workplace platform to protect and manage deliveries, visitors, desks from a online solution.

Comparison overview:

Find out what is and is not included in the various tools.

Integrations Comeen Envoy
Google Workspace
Yes Yes
Microsoft 365
Yes No
Google Calendar add-on
Yes No
Google Chat
Yes Not completely
Yes Not completely
Solution Comeen Envoy
Easy to install
Yes Yes
Performance analysis
Yes Yes
Customizable add-on
Yes No
Mobile app
No Yes
Personalized invitation
Yes Not completely
Features Comeen Envoy
Desk booking
Yes Yes
Manage attendance
Yes No
Meeting room management
Yes Yes
Manage deliveries
No Yes
Kiosk application
Yes No
Monitor buildings
Yes Not completely
Badge and QR Code
Yes No
Digital visitor record book
Yes Yes
Interface Comeen Envoy
HR Policy
Yes Not completely
Yes Yes
Daily reminders
Yes Not completely
Live chat
Yes Yes

Comeen is fully collaborative

Already integrated with all your everyday tools

You don't need to download new applications or go to a different site. Comeen is directly connected from Google to Gmail, Google Chat and your Google Calendar.
With one click, you can manage your attendance, greet a visitor or book an office.


You have all your collaborators in one place.

See their attendance in the office, book a room with them, welcome your guests.


A solution updated in real time

New products, discoveries and new features every month

  • A help center available 24 hours a day

  • A chat with a human in real time all week

  • A team open to proposals for new features

Envoy requires an application

With Envoy, you can get all your employees and collaborators in one place on one app so they can access all the features.

With Comeen, you can create your work team directly from your Google calendar and access the same features.

Envoy is a static communication tool

With Envoy, you have access to your information as well as what you can do.
With Comeen, you can work as a team and each user can share their presence and meetings with their colleagues. Comeen offers more dynamic communication.

In short, the difference

Which tool to choose for which need

An access to features from your everyday tools

To do this, you need to choose Comeen which is directly integrated into Google Workspace tools. With Envoy you have to go through their own application.

A real access platform to hybrid and flex office

Comeen is fully committed to a hybrid office approach to improving flex office strategies. Envoy is in the process of getting back to normal.

A collaborative tool that keeps you in touch

Comeen keeps you compliant by simply returning to the office to collaborate with your team. Envoy verifies that standards are being met.

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