Hybrid Office for Google Workspace.

We help you set up and manage your office for the post-pandemic era.

Get Comeen for your Team

Comeen helps you bring employees closer together.
Deliver a great workspace experience for everyone, all from your Google Workspace account.

Come to the office when it matters

Comeen Today

Directly into our Google Calendar or Gmail add-on, schedule your office times for the week. see who’s at work, update your status and meet your colleagues.

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Meet your space

When you come to the office, book a desk with specifics. You want to be next to your favorite colleague? Easy. Get a double screen or sit by the window? Done.

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Comeen desks
Comeen Rooms

Get a Google Chat notification from our Bot to check-in into your meeting room, you can also checkout. If no one is using, it will free-up the space automatically.

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Comeen Today

Create a unique Experience for your guests

Prepare your visitors experience directly with your meeting slot into our Google Calendar add-on.
On the other side, when your visitor will arrive, give them the best impression with a kiosk.

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of companies would consider switching to the hybrid office by 2022

Get Comeen for your Company

Comeen helps you to better understand your space your space and how your team used it.
Keep an eye on buildings occupancy & deploy easily hot desk booking.

Synchronize everything from Google Workspace

Comeen Workspace
Discover how deep goes our Google Workspace integration →

In a few clicks, import your buildings, floors, meeting rooms and offices directly from your Google Workspace. Comeen is set up in 2 minutes.

Picture Testimonial

“Comeen has really helped us with our Hybrid Office strategy. Thanks to the platform, our employees can manage their week at work in a better way“

Louise Viallesoubranne

Marketin Director @MINK

Optimize your buildings

Comeen Optimize

Analyse how your buildings are used from the attendance of your team and visitors. See the occupancy in live and improve the security to make the most of your space.

Reinvent your space

Comeen Space

With a building in hybrid office, you have fewer individual desks. So you get more dynamic and deploy hot desk booking. Your team will collaborate more between face-to-face and remote sessions.

Understand hot desk booking →

Management of the meeting rooms was complex before the pandemic and now especially in a hybrid office, we are here to make the experience more fluid and optimize the use of these spaces. Notify host, check-in and check-out, auto release if nobody checked-in.

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Comeen Rooms

Improve your workspace

from anywhere

With our Comeen Bot

You will get automatic notifications to check-in into the office and plan your next week on Friday.
You can talk to him to find out which colleagues are coming on a specific day.
Finally, you can also book a desk directly into the bot.

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Comeen Bot

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